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Meet our Management team

Joseph Norcup

Director & CEO

I was previously the Director of operations for a multinational security company since 2016, I have continued my professional development by gaining multiple Business and security management related qualifications and now I am proud to say I am the owner of a Highley successful and fast growing company.

Toby Harris

Operations Manager 

I have an extensive Military and Policing background in which I found myself specialising in Aviation security, VIP Close Protection escorts and Law enforcement duties, This has allowed me to gain a vast amount of managerial knowledge and experience which I have developed by leading large scale military operations within the UK and overseas.

Benjamin Vickers

Festival & event Supervisor


I started working with RSG in 2019 as a Door Supervisor, in the time that I have been working with them, I have gained multiple Crowd Management qualifications, and now I supervise teams of 100+ security officers at some of the most high-profile events and festivals in the UK. 


we are one of the fastest growing security providers in Cheshire with us converting new customers on a daily basis. This is due to us having a strong management team in place that have extensive knowledge, qualifications and experience in all areas of security & crowd safety.

Our team of Highley experienced staff receive regular top up training to ensure they are adhering to the best working practices and regulations set out by the security industry authority.


Our vision is to become an ACS Accredited company that is a market leader in the security sector while continuing to maintain a friendly, one to one working relationship with each one of our clients

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